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Hannover Heat

That’s right, it’s been downright hot and humid here in Hannover. Who knew?

We spent the day riding bikes around with city, touring the Herrenhaeuser Gaerten, the top of the Rathaus dome, eating ice cream on the edge of the Maschsee.

My camera broke during our tour of the Herrenhaeuser Gaerten,, so I am doing the best I can with disposable cameras — just means that I won’t be posting pictures quite as fast as usual. :)

This evening we watched the Deutschland-Poland game, and of course Deutschland won 1-0 in the final seconds — which made for a spirited walk home with lots of celebration in the streets.

Tomorrow mein Schatz and I say goodbye to Hannover and hello to Hamburg. It has been a real treat to spend time in his hometown and I’ve felt quite at home with his friends and family.

Bis spaeter!

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