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You know, I started this blog thinking I would use it as a forum to express my political and personal stances on a variety of issues around the globe. Instead, I mostly find myself writing fluffy posts like this one today, on the contents of my shoulder bag. Maybe it’s because my job and everyday life are steeped in politics and causes and protests? Perhaps this blog is an outlet for the more superficial aspects of my life? Anyway.

Thursday afternoon, I read this article in the NY Times about how New York women carry around so much stuff in our bags that we’re giving ourselves neck and shoulder injuries. Think about it, you leave for work in the morning and you will need: Something to entertain you on the walk to the train station (iPod). Something to read while you wait for the train (a novel). Something to read on the packed train that doesn’t take up much space and that’s easy to hold while standing and hanging on to an overhead handle (The New Yorker). Your datebook, so you don’t forget all of the things you have going on that day. Your cellphone, so your boyfriend and friends can get ahold of you when you’re not at your desk. You get the picture.

And it’s not easy to lighten the load, either. In New York, it’s possible that you’ll leave for work in the morning, meet friends for dinner and drinks after work, and head to a show in the evening. And you must carry everything with you from place to place to address all possible eventualities, until you finally make it home by train or cab at night. What a life, huh?

The same day I read that article in the Times, my friend told me about a Flickr group called “What’s in your bag?” Everyone empties out their bags and takes a picture of the contents. Not exactly deep or earth shattering, yet somehow fascinating (to me) anyway, especially since earlier in the day I was considering all the stuff I carry around that gives me a shoulder ache.

And that’s how this post came to be all about what’s in my bag. Thanks for reading.

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