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Red Luggage

For this month’s Self-Portrait Challenge, I’d like you to meet my new Swiss Army suitcase. By the end of this month, I will have logged about 30,000 frequent flyer miles in the last three months from flying between New York & Germany and New York & the West Coast (yes, the most important people in my life all live about 3,500 miles in either direction from me). Meaning, I don’t consider it much of a stretch to use a photo of my luggage as a self-portrait.

They also had this suitcase in black, but as you may have read in my last SPC post, I am such a sucker for red, so I couldn’t resist. And I can’t wait to traipse off to Germany next week for Christmas with my lovely red suitcase in tow!

You can see lots more red here.


  1. Dad says:

    Let’s see how your “lovely red” suitcase looks in 12 months. Please promise you’ll post another photo next year.

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