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Expat Blogger Meetup 2009

Way back in February, I first mentioned the Expat Bloggers in Germany meet-up and how I was determined to go.  And now it’s here!  This weekend I’ll be touring around Munich with a bunch of people I’ve only over met through their blogs, including Lucid in Deutschland, This Non-American Life, Jeweled Concrete, Heidelbergerin and more.

We’ll be arriving via an early flight on Saturday morning (rather than sitting on the train for 6+ hours) and leaving late Sunday evening.  The whole meet-up looks spectacularly organized with lots of fun events (a walking tour, beer gardens, great food) and I can’t wait!  We’ll also be spending some time with a friend of mein Schatz, who has generously agreed to host us for the weekend.

It’s too late to sign up if you’re interested, just register over here.  See you there!

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