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Five Senses Friday no. 4


* the beginnings of blooms on our hydrangea.
* a dubbed version of Law and Order. Still good, but not as convincing in German.


* the silence of the library, where I have taken to retreating lately to concentrate on writing. The top floor has floor-to-ceiling windows where you can look out onto treetops or over the hospital campus and the open windows offer a nice breeze while you work. And it is the quietest library I have ever been in. Ever. Can’t tell if it is a medical student thing or a German thing, but it is absolutely silent. I remember not liking to study at Columbia’s Health Sciences library because people chatted too much – fun, for sure, but not so productive. Here, not so much.


* homemade iced coffee!
* frozen pizzas because we accidentally defrosted our freezer and now have to eat everything in eat.


* the sunshine (finally) on my skin.
* how nice it is to wear dresses when the weather is warm.


* lavender.


  1. Mandi says:

    Amy: Yeah, it drives me a little crazy. So much comes across in how a certain language sounds, and when you dub it into a language that totally doesn’t fit, I feel like the storyline loses something. But so funny that Italians love their dubbing as much as Germans. ;)

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Mandi,

    Glad you stopped by and commented on my (somewhat neglected) blog. It’s given me a chance to look at yours. I gotta say, I am intrigued. Looking forward to it!



  3. Hezamarie says:

    Post like these are so fun. They aren’t too wordy but reveal so much about the kind of Friday you’ve had. Sounds like it was a goody. I’ll have to steal your homemade iced coffee idea. Why I didn’t think of it before?!

  4. Terry Ward says:

    Frozen coffee ice cubes…brilliant! Never would have come up with that myself. Gotta try it. Also – where is the library you mentioned? Would love somewhere quiet to write, other than bei mir zu hause. Hope to see you soon!

    • Mandi says:

      Hey Terry: The library I mentioned in my post is on the University of Hamburg’s medical campus and unfortunately, you have to have an id to get in. BUT, there is a public city library that I’ve used before and found it to be pretty great — it’s practically right across from the Hauptbahnhof: Hühnerposten 1, 20097 Hamburg.

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