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Wrapping presents

We’ve arrived back in Berlin, doing our best to fight off jet lag.  I am thankful that we gave ourselves the weekend to adjust before starting back to work (although the dark and dreary weather is not helping).  We had a wonderful holiday, filled with family and celebrations, travel and contrasts.  As I mentioned before, the first half was spent in Seattle, celebrating Christmas with my family.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

We relaxed, ran, shopped, and ate a lot of great food.  We also visited the Museum of Flight near Boeing Field (which I’ve never done before), and were impressed by how quickly aviation has developed since the Wright Brothers’ first prototypes.

Museum of Flight
Museum of Flight

The time passed by too quickly, and we weren’t able to do half of the things I had hoped to do.  Maybe by my next trip over I will learn to add a few more days to my travel plans, so I can see friends, catch up on movies that won’t make it over to Germany, and take some day trips out of the city.

But this time, we were on a mission to visit both of our families in one vacation, and after a week in the Pacific Northwest, we head off for sunny Mexico.  More tales on that to come!  But in the meantime, you can check out a few photos from our time in Seattle.

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  1. Di says:

    Happy 2012!

    Why is it holidays always go faster than work days…..

    Mexico….sun…..sand….sea…..I saw it all in Scotland yesterday but I think it might have been a little colder!

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