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Pacific Northwest Bound

Blue Puget Sound
A very blue Puget Sound

We’re making the long trek to Seattle today, with a stopover in Amsterdam before the 11-hour flight to Seatac. It’s hard to believe it’s already been more than a year since I’ve been home and seen my family! I’m looking forward to some slightly warmer temperatures (hey, anything above freezing sounds pretty good to me), lots of coffee, hilly outdoor runs, a concert or two, and chilling with the fam.

It’s been a chaotic last couple of months, so we’re mostly just playing our trip by ear this time around. Sure sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? I might pop in for a post or two, but you’re more likely to see me over on Twitter or Instagram.

A latte at Zeitgeist Coffee

And finally, happy Valentine’s Day to everyone — hope your day is full of heart-shaped candy!

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