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I’m writing this in the air somewhere between Seattle and Amsterdam. I finished reading Life of Pi within the first hour of the flight and am seriously regretting packing my newest book — The Emperor of All Maladies — away in my checked baggage. Even worse, the entertainment system is malfunctioning for the entire airplane. I’ve slept just about as long as I can and now boredom is setting in, so how about a blog post?

Space Needle
Walking down Capitol Hill in Seattle.

We had a lovely trip, with plenty of quality time with family. In Seattle, we saw the Eels at the Showbox, took our first ever trip out to Vashon Island, enjoyed sunny skies and got a little sunburnt, and ate lots of Mexican food at Mama’s and Endolyne’s.

The Eels at the Showbox
The Eels at the Showbox in Seattle.
Robinson Point Lighthouse
Robinson Point Lighthouse on Vashon Island.

We also borrowed my parents’ car and made a quick overnight trip down to Portland. We decided that Stumptown Coffee is probably the best in the world, picked up a dozen Voodoo Doughnuts, enjoyed the views from both the City Grill and the Chart House, and soaked up some sun on the waterfront.

Voodoo Doughnuts
Voodoo Doughnuts via Instagram
Stumptown Coffee
Stumptown Coffee via Instagram

By the time I post this, I’ll be battling jet lag in Berlin and adjusting back to Germany’s much colder winter temperatures. Even though it’s only a matter of days before I turn around and head to Norway, I’m glad to have had the time to spend at home. It’s always great to be reminded of where I come from and what I love.

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    • It was a fun show! They all wore matching black adidas track suits, and the music was much more chill than I expected. I heard they’re coming to Berlin in May, so maybe they’ll be playing in other parts of Germany too?

    • Me too! Serendipity brought me here, and now I learn I missed Mr. E in Seattle last month! Not a huge trip from White Rock BC. Damn! Still… already have tickets in hand for Kate Nash and Mother Mother. I suppose I’ll live…
      Plainly I’ll have to lurk more!

  1. cliff1976 says:

    Yikes, that’s a long flight with all your sleep slept out and your book all read out (and I loved that book…is anything else by Yann Martel worth reading?) and no on-board media to occupy you.

    I was pleasantly surprised that my US Airways flights from MUC to PHL and back had USB chargers in the armrests to keep my NPR All Songs Considered Tiny Desk Concerts rolling as long as I wanted them. And some really good movies, too.

    Welcome back, if only for a bit.

    • Yeah, I tend to have a million back-up plans for entertainment when I fly, but I totally slacked this time around. Ah well.

      I couldn’t tell you about Martel’s other books, but I really enjoyed Life of Pi and loved have the images from the movie in my head as I read it.

      Wow, USB chargers sound sweet! We ended up flying KLM/Delta and were not very impressed. I normally fly Lufthansa because they have a great Frankfurt-Seattle direct flight, but we bought the tickets too late and it would have been too expensive. In any case, we’re back safe and sound. :)

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