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InstaFriday | Iced Coffee

Summer has finally arrived here in Germany, and I can’t even imagine drinking hot beverages in this weather.  So I brewed up lots of coffee and stored it in the fridge to enjoy all week long.  Every morning when I pour myself a glass, it even smells a little chocolatey!  But my secret ingredient is really the coffee ice cubes, so the coffee only gets stronger as the ice cubes melt. (Genius, I know).  Maybe next week I’ll even give Pioneer Woman‘s fancy-schmancy perfect iced coffee recipe a try!

Do you drink iced coffee when it’s hot?  Or do you prefer the German variation — coffee with vanilla ice cream?

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  1. Federico says:

    Lately I’m often buying Lidl’s iced coffee on my way to work: it has basically three variations (Vanilla, Cappuccino, Macchiato) and somehow they all taste the same ^^

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