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Running around the world: Bremen | No Apathy Allowed

It’s no surprise that two of my biggest passions are travelling and running.  And quite often, I’m running while traveling.  It’s simply one of my favorite ways to get to know a new place, and makes me feel like I’m discovering some of its best kept secrets.  Although it can be annoying to pack my running gear when I’m trying to save precious luggage space, I truly feel a much deeper connection to the places I’ve run in.

So as an idea born out of the Hive Conference, I’m launching a series of my favorite running routes around the world!  The idea is to inspire you to turn your travel adventures into running adventures, as well as to provide some basic information you’ll need to go running in these places too.  I’ll start with some of my most memorable places I’ve run so far (whether while traveling or at home), and will continue to add to the series with each of my new travels.  Ready to get started?  I am!

Running in Bremen

I think it’s only fitting that I kick off this series by paying tribute to the city that has hosted me (at least during the week) for the past three years.  Running in Bremen has provided a fantastic outlet for me during the ups and downs of my PhD, and I absolutely loved participating in the Bremen 10K last autumn.  Although the city has much to offer for runners, one of my very favorite places to run is along the Werdersee, a small part of the Weser river in Bremen’s Neustadt.

The great part about running around the Werdersee is that you can combine all sorts of different loops to hit the distance you’re looking for.  Below is a map of a typical 5-mile run starting in the Buntentor area of the Neustadt and then looping around to the end of the Werdersee and back. Clicking on the map will let you check out a more detailed view of the route, and see where you can extend or shorten the distance.

Bremen running route
Bremen running route via DailyMile


No matter the time of year — whether in the summer sun or the winter snow — the Werdersee is always a breathtakingly beautiful run. The route is right on the water, with lots of trees and fields of grass. There’s usually a lot going on around the Werdersee — bicycles and rollerbladers whizz past, rowing teams glide over the water, children chase the ducks and geese, and teenagers grill Wurst when the weather’s warm.

Keep in Mind

The only thing you should be warned of is the wind.  Bremen itself is a pretty windy city, and the Werdersee is no different.  It’s usually fine while you’re heading towards the end of the See, but once you turn around to complete the loop, you’ll probably be faced with a head wind.  Since there are no hills in Bremen, just consider it a form of resistance training!

Werdersee running route
Werdersee, Bremen

Getting There

If you’re staying in the city’s center, then the Werdersee is just a short ride on the 4/5 tram towards Arsten, getting off at Kirchweg.  Couldn’t be easier.

Other Bremen Running Routes

Other popular alternatives for running in Bremen include the Bürgerpark, located a little bit north of the Central Train Station, and the Schlachte, the waterfront area near the Old Town.

I hope this post has been interesting, and maybe even inspired you to go for a run in Bremen!

What did you think?  What other information would you like to see included in this series?

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