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InstaFriday | Purple Haze

Wow, what a week!  Like most people in Germany, I’m still reeling from the semi-finals World Cup game on Tuesday.  No one expected anything like it and I don’t think we’ll see another game like that for a long, long time.  Everywhere I went on Wednesday, it was pretty much the only thing people were talking about on the street, in the shops, in the tram, and at work.  No matter what happens at the finals on Sunday night — no doubt a World Cup win would be *so* sweet — Germany will always remember that night when everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor and they rubbed their eyes with disbelief.

But the week has also been great for other reasons too.  I was on fire at work and finished a whole lot of projects that have been looming over me.  And I’ve been playing with my new toy — the iPad mini.  I’m still discovering everything it can do, so I’d love to hear suggestions!

Pearl Jam Wuhlheide
Pearl Jam performing at Wuhlheide in Berlin. Via Instagram.
Purple House
A little purple house in the Viertel, Bremen. Via Instagram.
Purple Street Art
It’s all about perspective. Via Instagram.
The Concordia
The Concordia. Via Instagram.

My photos this week were inspired by the color//colour photo project.  Happy weekend to everyone!

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