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Five Senses Friday no. 60

Alexander von Humboldt has dropped anchor in Bremen! | No Apathy Allowed
The Alexander von Humboldt has dropped anchor in Bremen!

Wow, another seven days come and gone while I’m busy plotting and planning and dreaming.  Most excitingly, I’m attending an upcoming conference in Lisbon in a couple weeks and you can be sure I will be packing in as much eating and sightseeing as I can manage!  It’s been way too long since my last trip to anywhere other than the usual suspects (Hamburg, Hannover, and Berlin) — could my last real trip have been to Langeoog?  Wow.  Anyway, one week at a time…

Seeing.  In the neighborhood for a flea market, I couldn’t help but notice that the Alexander von Humboldt has recently made it’s home in Bremen’s Europahafen.  Built in 1906 as a firefighting ship, it’s now apparently best known for it’s starring role in Beck’s beer commercials.  Fitting then, that she’s resting not too far from the Beck’s brewery.

Hearing. The birds are also clearly excited for spring!  I swear they’re chirping before I wake up and long after I go to sleep.

Tasting.  Freshly brewed coffee, which I’ve been drinking black these last couple days since I’m apparently too lazy to go pick up some milk.

Smelling.  There’s nothing better than the sea breeze.

Feeling.  My new glasses are digging a bit into my ears, so I’ll have to take them in for an adjustment.  (I’ll be posting about them soon, I promise.)

Feel free to join in if you would like! And for more Five Senses, visit Life Simplistic and Travel with Emily. How has your week been?

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