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It’s officially been two months since I’ve moved into my new apartment.  The dust has definitely settled and everything has more or less found its place.  While I still owe you the “after” post to match the empty “before” one, first I thought I’d offer you a sneak peek in the form of this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge — plants and art.

For my birthday I received some gorgeous plants which help make my apartment warm and inviting.  One of them was supposed to go to my office, but I gotten way too attached and have kept them both at home. :)

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art | No Apathy Allowed
Sleater-Kinney influenced dining table

One of the benefits of finally having my own place is that I have plenty of space to hang up all my art and prints, both old and new.  One of my new prints (above) is a silkscreen from Sleater-Kinney’s show in Berlin not too long ago, kicking off their European tour.  I love how all the green leaves make the colors in the print just pop!  Below I’ve paired another birthday plant with two older pieces of art that I’ve had seemingly forever: a painting from my trip to Nicaragua in 1998 and a gorgeous map of Uganda that I bought while I lived there in 1999.

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art | No Apathy Allowed
On the bookshelf

I don’t want to give away too much of the apartment just yet, but I hope these two photos give you a good idea of how my plants and my art just naturally pair together.  Curious to see what other Urban Jungle Bloggers have to share?  Check them out here...



  1. Judith says:

    Hhahaha so nice that you got too attached to your plants to take them to your office. Maybe you should get some new ones for the office then too ;) And you’re right: the color combos between your plants and artwork just works! Thanks for playing along again! xx

  2. Emily says:

    Wow! The combo of the picture and the plants is amazing! Can’t wait for the after pics of your place. I’m also impressed by your plants. I really need to find some hardy plants because I do not have a green thumb at all.

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