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Training | Bremen Half: Week 3

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Hmm, not a hundred percent satisfied with my training last week. But I can only use that for motivation this week, right?

Monday:  40 minutes on the stationary bike. Back to the gym for the first time in ages. Running outdoors is still my favorite by far, but having a gym membership is super convenient for when I need to get a bit of cross-training in. Plus, I love that I can also get some reading done while getting my sweat on!

Tuesday: Planned rest day = burgers and sweet potato fries with friends.

Wednesday: Easy 3-mile run along the Osterdeich.

Thursday: Unplanned rest day.

Friday: 3.5-mile run. I worked from home on Friday and was happy to get my run done rather earlier in the evening than later.

Saturday: Unplanned rest day. I’m sensing a terrible pattern here. I had all the time in the world, but decided on a 1.5 hour nap instead of my speed training. Not my smartest move, but I have to admit, the nap was awesome!

Sunday: 6-mile run. Had to wait for all the rain to quiet down, but once it did, the weather made for a relatively cool run. My calves were really tight, so I guess I need to pay some more attention to my foam roller.

That’s it for this week! Still plenty of room for improvement, but so it goes. Wishing you all a great start to your weeks!


  1. Ali Amaro says:

    Ahhh running is so cathartic and training gives such wonderful structure to the week (even with the unplanned rest days…a reminder that we can’t control or predict it all?) I am considering training for my first half marathon later this year. Happy running!

    • Yes, you are so right. The struggle is to find a nice balance between structure and flexibility. The half marathon is my favorite distance! Enough to require training, but not too far as to prevent flexibility. ;)

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