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InstaFriday | Reflecting on January

InstaFriday: Reflecting on January | No Apathy Allowed

Well, I suppose since January has come and gone, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to reflect back on it before we get too deep into February, right?

The first week or so of the year was spent recovering from jet lag and getting back into the groove of life in Bremen. It was a comparatively quiet month at work, offering a chance to prepare for the crazy whirlwind that February has already become. My heart continues to ache for dear friends in the midst of life’s unfair struggles, and I grieve for an acquaintance who left this world way too soon.

On a totally different front, I’ve been taken aback by how volatile the first two weeks of the new US presidency have been. Despite the name of this blog (born amidst the demonstrations and protests during W’s second term), I most definitely grew complacent over the last eight years. I clearly need to get comfortable again with actively voicing dissent, and come to terms with a few significant changes this time around: living abroad rather than in NYC, being in my late 30’s instead of my late 20’s, and navigating the pros and cons of social media. These are definitely trying times, but I am filled with hope that we will continue to be able to unite together to make the world a better place.

So let’s just say that in February, I want to remember to keep my eyes open for beauty and joy amongst the chaos and busy-ness.

InstaFriday: Reflecting on January | No Apathy Allowed

InstaFriday: Reflecting on January | No Apathy Allowed

InstaFriday: Reflecting on January | No Apathy Allowed

InstaFriday: Reflecting on January | No Apathy Allowed

What do you have planned for this month?


  1. Uncle Gandee says:


    Great to hear from you and I really enjoy your pictures from Bremen. Is that old cash register for real?

    I understand all too well your concerns about social media. I have left Facebook for a variety of reasons but the campaign and election have pushed me over the edge. President Bannon has brought out the worst in me and FB is not a useful vehicle for debate. No surprise, really, but Sharon and I praying for his premature exit from the White House; we won’t survive four years.


    • Hi Clyde, yes the register is real and functioning! I am really struggling to figure out the best way to harness the information-sharing and connecting power of social media without letting sensationalism and propaganda (from both sides) drown out reality. I suppose it’s just going to be a lesson that I have to figure out every day anew. Sending thoughts and love to you and Sharon!

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