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Training | Bremen Half: Week 3

Hmm, not a hundred percent satisfied with my training last week. But I can only use that for motivation this week, right? Monday:  40 minutes on the stationary bike. Back to the gym for the first time in ages. Running outdoors is still my favorite by far, but having a gym membership is super convenient for …

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Training | Bremen Half: Week 2

So it appears I’m getting the hang of this training thing again. As much as I enjoyed my break after the Hamburg Marathon, it’s also nice to be working towards a goal again. Bremen Half Marathon, I’m coming for you! Monday:  30 minutes of swimming. I always feel so accomplished after a swim, mostly for …

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Training | Taper Time

[Title of this post should sound like this.] And just like that, the longest run of my marathon training is now behind me: 20 miles on a sunny Saturday before Easter. I combined two of my favorite Bremen routes into one long run — first a long 10-mile loop around the Bürgerpark, Stadtwald, and Unisee, …

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A Little Update

It feels like ages since I last spent time in this space and I’ve really missed sharing here! Since I last posted, it’s been both a winter wonderland here in Bremen and flowers and trees already began blooming in early February. The pace of life since returning to Germany after the holidays (photos and tales from Seattle …

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My Year of Running 2015

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays as much as I have so far. I’ve been relaxing with friends and family in Seattle and marveling a bit at how quickly my hometown is booming and changing (but more on that in another post!). I’ve also been taking advantage of the fitness room in my parents’ …

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