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Fotomarathon Bremen 2016

Yesterday was the second ever Bremer Fotomarathon and of course I was there! If you remember from last year, it’s a photo challenge — 1 City, 9 Hours, 9 Photos. The basic idea is to take nine photos pertaining to nine themes which you receive at various check-in points throughout the day. At the end …

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Bremen Fotomarathon | No Apathy Allowed

Bremen Fotomarathon 2015

Over the past several years I’ve taken part in two  Fotomarathons in Berlin, billed as a photo “competition under extreme circumstances: One city, 12 hours, 24 themes.”  Always exhausting, but always a fantastic experience.  So imagine my delight when I heard that Bremen was organizing it’s own Fotomarathon in mid-September: 9 hours, 9 photos, 9 themes. A little less …

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Berlin Fotomarathon 2011: Part 3

After taking you through the ups and downs of capturing Photos 1-8 and 9-16 during last weekend’s Berlin Fotomarathon, here is my last post with our final photos of the competition… Photo 17: The ballad of gracious living / Die Ballade vom angenehmen Leben by Brecht/Weill. I knew immediately that I wanted to take an ironic bent on …

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