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Travel: Ostfriesische Teekultur | No Apathy Allowed

Travel | East Frisian Tea Culture

In addition to beach combing and visiting the sauna, during my visit to Langeoog last month I also learned that Ostfriesland has the largest consumption of tea per person, worldwide — 300 liters per person, per year!  And it’s not just about consuming tea, but there’s also a very special art and ritual associated with drinking tea in East Frisia.  Needless …

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Bikini Berlin

Berlin | Lunch & Shopping in the West

A few weeks ago, I spent several days in Berlin (my first trip back since November) and had such a fantastic time — I love the Hauptstadt so much!  When I lived there, my life was very much centered around the eastern part of the city.  Since I was staying at a friends’ place in Schöneberg this time around, it seemed like the …

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Exploring Valletta, Malta | No Apathy Allowed

Malta | Exploring Valletta

Finally I have the chance to sit down and really write about my trip to Malta — although I hope you enjoyed my sneak peek of Valletta’s beautiful houses!  Knowing I only had a short amount of time to explore Malta’s capital city before diving into work, I focused my visit on Valletta’s absolute highlights.  And you know …

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