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Race Report | Hamburg Marathon

Hey guys, can you believe it? I ran the Hamburg Marathon last weekend! And not just any marathon, my first marathon ever. I can actually hardly believe it myself — although the training (since Christmas) seemed to last forever, the race itself was over in a flash. And it was so much fun! I have lots …

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Race Report | Berlin Half Marathon 2015

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before — I ran a half marathon without having any idea of my pace. I’ve been training like that for weeks now with the goal of rediscovering my love of running… I had reached a point where I was burnt out on training for speed, as well as a bit overwhelmed with other stuff …

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Race Report | A 10K + A New Training Cycle

Starting a New Training Cycle | No Apathy Allowed

Just like last year, I signed up for Bremen’s winter running series to help keep me motivated and running throughout the winter.  My plan is to use the monthly progression of races (10K, 15K, and then 20K) as training runs in preparation for the Berlin Half Marathon at the end of March.  I’m looking to whittle down those 4:30 …

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Race Report | Rykä-Frauenlauf 10K


It’s been awhile since I’ve run a race without actually racing it.  I used to do it all the time with shorter distances in NYC, just for the sake of enjoying the company of friends and a few thousand other New Yorkers.  Yesterday, I did it again for a totally different reason… Although I’ve been doing well with …

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