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Training | Bremen Half: Week 7


Not too long ago I was complaining about what a lousy rainy summer we’d been having in Bremen, so of course this past week we got slammed with a late August heat wave. Certainly makes my training more interesting having to factor in whether it will be too hot to do my usual evening runs. …

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Training | Bremen Half: Week 5


Yesterday afternoon I was glued to the screen for the entire women’s Olympic marathon from start to finish via livestream. Need some extra motivation for your own training? I highly recommend watching elite runners compete, especially under difficult conditions like the high temperatures and humidity in Rio. The US team was a power house, with Shalane Flanagan, …

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Training | Bremen Half: Week 4


Week 4 was definitely a much stronger week of training for the Bremen Half Marathon, even though a lot of it got pushed towards the weekend.  My legs are aching and I’m totally in the training mindset now — I love finding that fine balance between challenging yourself without destroying yourself for the next day’s run. My paces still aren’t anywhere …

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Training | Bremen Half: Week 3


Hmm, not a hundred percent satisfied with my training last week. But I can only use that for motivation this week, right? Monday:  40 minutes on the stationary bike. Back to the gym for the first time in ages. Running outdoors is still my favorite by far, but having a gym membership is super convenient for …

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Training | Bremen Half: Week 2


So it appears I’m getting the hang of this training thing again. As much as I enjoyed my break after the Hamburg Marathon, it’s also nice to be working towards a goal again. Bremen Half Marathon, I’m coming for you! Monday:  30 minutes of swimming. I always feel so accomplished after a swim, mostly for …

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Training | Taper Time

[Title of this post should sound like this.] And just like that, the longest run of my marathon training is now behind me: 20 miles on a sunny Saturday before Easter. I combined two of my favorite Bremen routes into one long run — first a long 10-mile loop around the Bürgerpark, Stadtwald, and Unisee, …

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