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Bremen Half Marathon: Week 7 | No Apathy Allowed

Bremen Half Marathon | Week 7

This past week was the last hopefully for a while that I had to combine a full-time job with big freelance projects and intensive training.  I definitely need a bit of a breather!  With too much stress and not enough time, I’ve fallen into a terrible cycle of too much coffee, sugar, and processed foods.  So I’ve …

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Half Marathon Training

Hamburg Half | Week 11

Well, wouldn’t you know? After my Week 9 comeback post, I came down with a miserable cold, and I had to take a week off of running.  If I had properly trained up until that point, it wouldn’t have been too big of an issue.  (Heck, I even PR’d my last 10K with a cold!) …

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Hamburg Half Marathon

Hamburg Half | Week 9

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t mentioned a peep about the Hamburg Half Marathon in more a month.  It’s coming up in less than three weeks, so maybe I should give you a bit of an update, huh? Things on the training front have been very frustrating.  Around the time I returned from …

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