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Bremen | jazzahead! 2017 clubnight

jazzahead! 2017 clubnight_MathiasHeiseQuadrillion_(c)_Nicho Oppermann

* Many thanks to Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen / bremen.online for the complimentary tickets!  The opinions shared here are solely my own. * Did you know that one of the largest jazz festivals and trade shows in the world — jazzahead! — happens every year in Bremen? Admittedly, I definitely did not — but now after attending …

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Race Report | Hamburg Marathon

Hey guys, can you believe it? I ran the Hamburg Marathon last weekend! And not just any marathon, my first marathon ever. I can actually hardly believe it myself — although the training (since Christmas) seemed to last forever, the race itself was over in a flash. And it was so much fun! I have lots …

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Looking Back at 2015

Bremen Fotomarathon | No Apathy Allowed

I know I’m supposed to write something about how this past year has just flown by, but quite honestly, 2015 made me work really hard and it definitely seemed to take its own sweet time in coming to an end. That’s not a complaint, but oh what a year it’s been! From finally bringing my …

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A Bremen Home Tour

Apartment Tour | No Apathy Allowed

I’ve been promising you a home tour for ages now, so ready or not, here it is!  There are still a few things that are unfinished — like I need to find a drill in order to hang up that painting propped against the back of the couch, I’m waiting for a hanging lamp for the …

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