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Bremen | jazzahead! 2017 clubnight

jazzahead! 2017 clubnight_MathiasHeiseQuadrillion_(c)_Nicho Oppermann

* Many thanks to Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen / bremen.online for the complimentary tickets!  The opinions shared here are solely my own. * Did you know that one of the largest jazz festivals and trade shows in the world — jazzahead! — happens every year in Bremen? Admittedly, I definitely did not — but now after attending …

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A Bremen Home Tour

Apartment Tour | No Apathy Allowed

I’ve been promising you a home tour for ages now, so ready or not, here it is!  There are still a few things that are unfinished — like I need to find a drill in order to hang up that painting propped against the back of the couch, I’m waiting for a hanging lamp for the …

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Wine Tasting in Bremen

Wine tasting in Bremen | No Apathy Allowed

Last week I — along with the other Nordbloggers — had the pleasure of being invited to a wine tasting hosted by Ludwig von Kapff in Bremen’s Überseestadt.  I happen to love that part of town, full of old renovated warehouses and chic restaurants with views of the harbor.  I also happen to love wine and …

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The New Apartment: A Blank Canvas

Balcony and kitchen | No Apathy Allowed

Hi friends, I don’t have a lot of words for you today, but I thought the least I could do was share a few photographs of my new (still empty) apartment!  I picked up the keys on Saturday and will spend my evenings this week cleaning and painting before moving in this coming Saturday. To say …

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