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Falling in a Hole

Over the last few months I’ve gotten to know a German expression that I’d never really paid attention to before…  After submitting my dissertation in November and now finally having defended it on Monday (!),  plenty of friends expressed concern that I should keep myself busy so that I don’t “fall in a hole” (in ein Loch fallen) that’s …

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InstaFriday | Independence Day

Green Motorbike

Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers out there!   Hope you have perfect barbecuing weather and that the fireworks are beautiful.  Today I get to combine the best of both worlds — decked out in stars and stripes for an Independence Day barbecue and then cladding myself in black, red, and gold for Germany’s quarter-finals …

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Expat Life: Six Years and Counting

It’s hard to believe that this week marks my sixth Germanniversary.  Six years is the exact same amount of time that I lived in New York. It  broke my heart to leave the city behind, but I was really ready for new adventures. It feels like a lifetime ago that I arrived in Bonn, before eventually making my way to Hamburg. …

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InstaFriday | Residence Permits

Bremen Dom Reflections

A lot of my mental energy this week has been absorbed by having to renew my visa here in Germany.  I let myself get worked up by all the paperwork and organization required, convinced that I will forget something totally vital.  But there’s absolutely no reason for the worry because all of my experiences with Germany’s Ausländerbehörden …

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Fitness | Bronze Freischwimmer

When I first signed up for swimming lessons in January, my primary goal was to be able conquer the fear I seem to have developed in adulthood of deep water.  As recently as  the middle of last month, I had a bit of a panic attack while swimming in areas of the pool where I couldn’t grab …

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Exploring Germany’s Christmas Markets

German-Christmas Markets

Every December for the last many years,  I’ve shared with you my love for exploring Germany’s Christmas markets — keeping running tabs on how many mugs of Glühwein and bags of Schmalzkuchen I’ve consumed (too many), challenging myself to visit new markets every year, and taking way too many photographs! This year will be much the same — but in addition to all …

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Recipe | Pumpkin Pie in Germany

Making pumpkin pie in Germany | No Apathy Allowed

For the Americans (and Canadians) among you, pumpkin pie is a clear staple of the Thanksgiving dinner table.  And back home, with the help of a can or two of Libby’s pie filling, a frozen crust, and some Cool Whip, baking a pumpkin pie is relatively simple.  But if you’re trying to celebrate Thanksgiving while …

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