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I may be at work today here in Germany, but my heart is out there with all you Americans picnicking and watching fireworks displays.  I hope the weather is just perfect and that you’re enjoying the time with friends and family. Happy 4th!

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Five Years

For those of you who have been keeping track, this week marked five years since I moved to Germany.  I’m not feeling quite as introspective as I was last year, but it still seems fitting to acknowledge the passage of time.  Life is as busy as ever, but I’m looking towards the future and Germany …

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Expat Life | Führerschein!

Expat life: Exchanging my driver's license in Germany

For more than a decade I’ve lived in cities with comprehensive public transportation systems — New York, Hamburg, Berlin — and I must admit, I’ve barely driven at all in that time. That’s certainly one of the reasons why, for the last five years, I’ve procrastinated on the bureaucratic process of exchanging my American driver’s …

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Frohe Festtage!

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us!  Since we’re not traveling far for our celebrations, I was expecting to have more time to let everything sink in and really embrace the season.  But here it is, Christmas Eve, and I’m only kind of in the holiday spirit.  Maybe I need to …

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Hannover’s Christmas Markets

As promised, I have a few photos to share with you from this season’s first visit to the Weihnachtsmärkte.  We happened to be in Hannover this past weekend for a family birthday celebration, and took advantage of our free Sunday afternoon to explore some of the markets within walking distance of the main train station. …

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Let the Weihnachtsmärkte Begin!

Advent starts this Sunday and so do the Weihnachtsmärkte!  It’s no secret that I’m a major fan of the German Christmas Markets.  I’ve devoted seemingly dozens of posts to them, and usually challenge myself to visit one or two new ones every year. I’m such a sucker for the holiday atmosphere — the cold crisp air, the …

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Thanksgiving, German Style

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  While they are all feasting and enjoying time with friends and family in the US, I thought I’d take a moment to share a bit from my German  Thanksgiving celebration — especially since in true international style, we feasted last weekend instead. If you know me in real life, you’re aware that …

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