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Life | An April Update

No Apathy Allowed

Something I really enjoy about Spring in Germany is the four-day weekend we have over Easter. It kind of makes up for the fact that I’m always working over Thanksgiving and Black Friday. ;) This year I didn’t have anywhere to be, so I enjoyed a laid back weekend, catching up on all the little …

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Fotomarathon Bremen 2016

Yesterday was the second ever Bremer Fotomarathon and of course I was there! If you remember from last year, it’s a photo challenge — 1 City, 9 Hours, 9 Photos. The basic idea is to take nine photos pertaining to nine themes which you receive at various check-in points throughout the day. At the end …

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InstaFriday | Bremen’s First Instawalk

Seems like every time I blogged about how much fun I’d had at the Hamburg InstaMeets and InstaWalks, I always wished that Bremen would host one too. Well, wishes do come true sometimes! Hosted by Bremen Tourism, 25 Instagrammers had the chance to take a walk through the city, photographing Bremen’s treasures and tagging our photos with …

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InstaFriday | August Break 2016

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of time for words right now, which actually makes it a perfect time to chime in about August Break 2016, organized by Susannah Conway. It’s about taking a bit of a break from writing and instead focusing on the visual, specifically in the form of daily photo prompts. …

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InstaFriday | Jet Lag

It’s 8:30 in the evening and I’m writing this post to postpone falling sleep until my normal bed time. I arrived back in Germany yesterday afternoon after an overnight flight and survived somehow until 9pm. In order to establish some sort of normal rhythm, I put in more or less a full day in at work …

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InstaMeet Hamburg

So you know I love Instagram, right? It is definitely my very favorite form of social media. And that love has quadrupled since I bought my very first iPhone last fall. So I didn’t think twice about signing up for the InstaMeet Hamburg last month, especially since I had so much fun at the last one I …

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