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Even though I’m in Brooklyn, I have no front stoop. Which means that to sell my stuff, I either have to haul it all out onto the sidewalk in front of the empty storefront next door, or invite people into my apartment to peruse. And since so much of what I’m selling is big furniture, …

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Rebel Yell

I am an even-tempered and calm sort of person. I have yelled at very few human beings in my life, but that number has just increased by one. I came home early from my last day of work to find my door unlocked. Hm, that’s unusual, did I forget to lock it this morning? Possible, …

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Low Key

Last weekend was full of edgy cultural events, early rising, and a little cooking. This weekend has so far been all about a latke-laden Hanukkah feast with friends, sleeping late, and trying my hand at Christmas shopping. The shopping was my least successful venture. I’m feeling out of it and not particularly inspired, so I …

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