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Day of Thanksgiving

Today, I spent a normal day at work and tonight mein Schatz and I will order pizza and assemble all the furniture we bought at Ikea on Tuesday night.*  I have yet to meet another American in Hamburg.  Even so, I still have that special warm and fuzzy Thanksgiving feeling inside.  Maybe it is because …

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Spreading the Love

The other day, my sister (over at Something Cheeky) was thoughtful enough to honor me with the “I Love Your Blog” award.  If she hadn’t honored me first, I definitely would have crowned her with this award too, because it has been wonderful to read her blog and feel so close, even though we are …

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Both in Bonn

Emily and I went to high school together, and although we don’t actually see each other very often, I keep up with all her travels and triathlons over at Travel With Emily. Almost exactly 8 years ago, I was flying through London on my way home from spending a year in Uganda, and coincidentally Emily …

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