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Bremen | jazzahead! 2017 clubnight

jazzahead! 2017 clubnight_MathiasHeiseQuadrillion_(c)_Nicho Oppermann

* Many thanks to Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen / bremen.online for the complimentary tickets!  The opinions shared here are solely my own. * Did you know that one of the largest jazz festivals and trade shows in the world — jazzahead! — happens every year in Bremen? Admittedly, I definitely did not — but now after attending …

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Berlin | David Bowie Exhibition

David Bowie Suit

Last week I spent a few days in Berlin as birthday present to myself.  Aside from seeing friends, the David Bowie Exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau was at the top of my wish list.  I’ve been on a total Bowie kick for the last couple of years, and since he has such a strong connection to Berlin — living for …

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InstaFriday | Alle Farben

Even though I was still sniffling and coughing last Sunday, I felt a little stir crazy and joined mein Schatz at an open air electro concert at Rummelsburg, which is just across the water from our normal running route.  I won’t pretend that I had heard of Alle Farben — the headlining DJ — before, but it was …

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Wiener Philharmoniker

Back in New York, mein Schatz and I regularly attended classical concerts at Carnegie Hall.  In fact, at the peak of the concert season (February-ish), it wasn’t too unusual to find ourselves there on a weekly basis.  With the best orchestras from around the world making regular appearances, it was the perfect wintertime entertainment!  And …

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Radiohead, in Berlin (Again)

The first time I saw Radiohead play live was in 2008 at Berlin’s Wuhlheide.  I was actually based in Bonn that summer, but flew into the Hauptstadt just in time to head straight to the venue with all my stuff, see a fantastic show, eat some pizza afterwards, sleep for few hours, and then take …

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