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Wiener Philharmoniker

Back in New York, mein Schatz and I regularly attended classical concerts at Carnegie Hall.  In fact, at the peak of the concert season (February-ish), it wasn’t too unusual to find ourselves there on a weekly basis.  With the best orchestras from around the world making regular appearances, it was the perfect wintertime entertainment!  And …

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Radiohead, in Berlin (Again)

The first time I saw Radiohead play live was in 2008 at Berlin’s Wuhlheide.  I was actually based in Bonn that summer, but flew into the Hauptstadt just in time to head straight to the venue with all my stuff, see a fantastic show, eat some pizza afterwards, sleep for few hours, and then take …

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Tonight’s Running Playlist

I’m back in the full swing of running, training myself for the Berlin Half Marathon in April (more on that soon!).  Instead of hitting the pavement in the darkness and freezing temps, I’m making use of the treadmills at the gym, which requires the entertaining company of my iPod.  Tonight’s playlist created by my Shuffle relied …

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