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Tonight’s Running Playlist

I’m back in the full swing of running, training myself for the Berlin Half Marathon in April (more on that soon!).  Instead of hitting the pavement in the darkness and freezing temps, I’m making use of the treadmills at the gym, which requires the entertaining company of my iPod.  Tonight’s playlist created by my Shuffle relied …

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List no. 7: Memorable concerts

I love music, particularly live music, and have been lucky to see more than my fair share of concerts in my lifetime. But instead of trying to list all the performances I’ve ever seen — which would probably be nearly impossible, not to mention a little boring — how about I share a few concerts …

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Dance Metal

When a friend surprised us with tickets to a Rammstein concert in Berlin, I have to admit I was pretty dubious.  But then I thought, well, maybe it would be pretty entertaining to see the band that (for better or worse) is synonymous worldwide with German rock music.  Plus, if I’m going to do this only …

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Radiohead, Berlin

Six months ago, mein Schatz bought four tickets to see Radiohead play in Berlin.  Even before I knew I would live in Germany, I had planned to make a special trip to see this show.  Back in New York, I listened to In Rainbows everyday during my morning commute for almost two months straight.  So …

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