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A Long Weekend in the North

You know what I’ve been doing a lot of since arriving in Oslo?  Working.  I guess it makes sense, since I actually am here for the express purpose of working.  There’s a lot I want to get done on my PhD during these two months, plus I’m working on a freelance project on the side (i.e., …

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Oslo | Frogner Park

Once I started planning my research stay in Oslo, one of the first things I did was check out the location of my office on Google Maps.  It was there I learned of the existence of Frogner Park, Oslo’s largest, practically across the street.  And according to its size, there’s a whole lot going on …

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The Beginning

With my first full week in Oslo behind me, I’ve been looking forward to describing it all for you here.  But now that I sit down to write, I’m struggling to put Norway into words.  Instead of something more cohesive, let me share a few of my first impressions… The great outdoors.  I arrived in …

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