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Travel | Surreal Stockholm

Looking back at travel in 2016 | No Apathy Allowed

Dear friends, it’s been over a month since my 5-day visit to Stockholm!  Part work/part leisure, this trip was really kinda out of this world. So out of this world, in fact, that I wanted to write blog post upon blog post telling you about every single detail. But life has a way of straightening out …

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Travel | Heybeliada Island

You’ll have to forgive me for keeping this post short on words and long on photos. It feels like the only thing I’ve done this week is work, eat, and sleep. But that’s not completely true — at least some of that work involved another trip to Istanbul, two nights on the 31st floor of a fancy …

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Travel | A Week in Istanbul

It’s a little funny to write this post about my week in Istanbul when I know that I’ll be heading back there again the day after tomorrow. My (working) vacation had been planned ages ago and then I recently received an invitation to participate in a work meeting in Istanbul this coming Tuesday. So exactly one week after …

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Travel | Home for the Holidays

Tomorrow I’m heading home to Seattle for the holidays, which makes me incredibly happy (despite the whirlwind of packing chaos that exists in my apartment right now).  It’s been ages since I’ve truly been able to enjoy the holidays without bringing some form of work home with me, but that stars have all aligned to make …

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Travel | The Streets of Lisbon

Streets of Lisbon

If you’re a design geek, it’s perhaps nearly impossible not to fall in love with Lisbon’s architecture and the colorful tiles (azulejos) that adorn so many of the buildings.  A huge highlight for me was simply getting lost in the winding streets and snapping away to my heart’s content.  Since I told you all about …

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Travel | Two Free Days in Lisbon

Two Days in Lisbon

I am constantly struck by how many beautiful places there are in the world and Lisbon is definitely one of those places!  I unexpectedly fell head over heels for Lisboa and really can’t wait to go back.  The majority of my time in Portugal’s capital city was spent at a conference at the university, although luckily for …

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