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Travel | East Frisian Tea Culture

Travel: Ostfriesische Teekultur | No Apathy Allowed

In addition to beach combing and visiting the sauna, during my visit to Langeoog last month I also learned that Ostfriesland has the largest consumption of tea per person, worldwide — 300 liters per person, per year!  And it’s not just about consuming tea, but there’s also a very special art and ritual associated with drinking tea in East Frisia.  Needless …

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Travel | Five Days on Langeoog

Travel: Five Days on Langeoog | No Apathy Allowed

As I headed into the last couple of months of writing my dissertation, I started planning a short vacation as a reward  for finishing.  I dreamed of somewhere beautiful and relaxing, but didn’t have the energy for elaborate organization and planning.  Given Bremen’s proximity to Germany’s North Sea coast, it wasn’t long before I was looking …

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Berlin | Lunch & Shopping in the West

Bikini Berlin

A few weeks ago, I spent several days in Berlin (my first trip back since November) and had such a fantastic time — I love the Hauptstadt so much!  When I lived there, my life was very much centered around the eastern part of the city.  Since I was staying at a friends’ place in Schöneberg this time around, it seemed like the …

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Malta | Exploring Valletta

Exploring Valletta, Malta | No Apathy Allowed

Finally I have the chance to sit down and really write about my trip to Malta — although I hope you enjoyed my sneak peek of Valletta’s beautiful houses!  Knowing I only had a short amount of time to explore Malta’s capital city before diving into work, I focused my visit on Valletta’s absolute highlights.  And you know …

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Malta | Valletta Streets

How has spring been shaping up in your part of the world?  This past week has been beautiful in Bremen.  The cherry blossoms have bloomed, the lilacs are out in full force, the breeze is warm, and the birds are singing.  All is right in the world. The temperatures in Malta during my trip a few …

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Easter Sunday Travels

Here in Germany, Easter is a four-day-long holiday affair lasting from Friday through Monday.  Nearly everything is closed, so it’s really a time for family and relaxation.  As much as I love Easter decorations — can’t get enough of those colorful Easter eggs on Pinterest! — and chocolate bunnies, sometimes I don’t mind a rather non-traditional Easter …

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