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New York, New York

We’ve been back in Germany for about a week now and life is full-speed ahead.  I’ll spare you the details, but rest assured that I am not doing such an awesome job of balancing it all.  Ah well.  We did have an amazing time, however, back in the US — first in NYC and then …

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And we’re off! To some of our favorite places to see some of our favorite people, eating at some of our favorite restaurants and running in our favorite parks. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll be blogging in the next while, but if you’re interested in our adventures, I will certainly be tweeting and instagraming along …

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It’s time to celebrate!

June is my month of a million fun reasons to throw a party: I turn 34! Wow, I guess that officially slides me into the mid-thirties age category.  Early-thirties somehow sounded better, but I’ll make it work. This blog turns 6! For old time’s sake, check out my first (ultra short) post from 2005 where …

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