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The Emerald City

We’ve arrived back in Berlin, doing our best to fight off jet lag.  I am thankful that we gave ourselves the weekend to adjust before starting back to work (although the dark and dreary weather is not helping).  We had a wonderful holiday, filled with family and celebrations, travel and contrasts.  As I mentioned before, the …

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The first month of 2011 is already over, just like that.  Maybe it was the excitement of finally getting rid of my crutches, but January really sped by without me even noticing.  Each day I felt closer and closer to my old self again, marveling at the wonders of being able to do the most …

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Seattle –> Frankfurt –> Hamburg

I lost all of Sunday afternoon and night on an airplane — meaning that I skipped over the Oscar’s entirely (but am psyched to hear about about Kathryn Bigelow’s win). Now that I’ve showered, unpacked, picked up some groceries and trudged through the snow (again), let’s see how long blogging can keep me awake. Well, …

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