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Digital Nostalgia

Yesterday, I was inspired to clean out all the boxes stored under my bed. Almost everything was thrown in the trash or sent to Goodwill. But I did find a few treasures, including the cd’s with digital copies of photos I took back in 2003 and early 2004! These included photos from my trip to …

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Mapping Travel

We really enjoyed the hotel and bed & breakfast that we stayed at during our vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula, and we found both of them solely through Trip Advisor. So I made sure to post my pleased reviews of our stay at both locations — something I’ve never done before, even though I’ve used …

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Tales from the Yucatan Peninsula

We returned yesterday from Mexico, and what a wonderful and truly relaxing vacation it was — filled with sun, sand, warmth, Mayan ruins, underground adventures, and delicious food. Before I forget all the details, let me tell you about the highlights… Sunday: New York City to Playa Del Carmen I met mein Schatz at the …

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Mulago Hospital

Not quite a decade ago, I volunteered for the AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) in Uganda. Fresh out of university with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology, I had absolutely nothing to offer TASO except for a year-long commitment and a willingness to learn, and they were lovely enough to take me in.* TASO is located …

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Sierra Leonean Chronicles

I took my cue from Ali for my Sunday Scribbling post this week by deciding to look back at one of the only prolific journals I’ve kept in my life — the three months I was living and working in a small, remote town in Sierra Leone. It was in between my first and second …

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Red = Travels

I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile, so I was very excited to see a link to map the countries you’ve visited on my friend Dave‘s site. Here’s my map: Looks like I should start spreading myself around a little more in my travels, especially if I want to catch up with my …

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