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Infections and Inequalities (cont’d)

In follow-up to my earlier post about a needle exchange program in Washington, D.C. called Prevention Works, here’s what Kristen has to say about the reaction they’ve received to that front page article:

“The article attracted a lot of attention and as of Friday we had gotten over $4,300 in donations as a response to the article. Over 30 supporters sent in donations from as far away as California and Maine, in amounts ranging from $25 to $1,000. It is really amazing to see this kind of support for a program so close to my heart.”

Also, click here for a great to-the-point editorial in today’s NY Times called “Congress Hobbles the AIDS Fight,” and then take note of one correction from Kristen:

We don’t actually turn anyone away. Our problem is that resource constraints mean that we’re not able to serve everyone that could benefit from our services.”

I’m glad to see awareness being raised, and hopefully soon (to quote the editorial), we can start to “let public health officials save lives.”


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