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Infections and Inequalities

Unbelievable. Extremely drug-resistant TB isn’t very infectious, huh? Sure, travel through Europe and North America on your honeymoon, no problem. Never mind that XDR TB is resistant to almost all drugs used to treat TB (including the two first-line drugs and the best second-line ones too). Never mind that becoming infected could mean a death sentence if you (unlike this American injury lawyer) do not have access to the expensive and intensive treatment and medical care necessary to try to treat the infection.

Paul Farmer writes in his book Infections and Inequalities that “inequality itself constitutes our modern plague,” and this privileged man’s careless actions demonstrate this, with his clear disregard for the possibility of infecting others that may not be so “lucky” as him to have access to treatment. There is no excuse, no matter what you tape record your doctors saying. You simply can not equate legal liability with social responsibility.

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