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Continuing with yesterday’s theme of cold and dark, I have seen a lot of movies lately.  Milk was brilliant.  I first heard about Harvey Milk a long time ago while reading Randy Shilt’s And the Band Played On, and was moved to see a film made about the social change Milk created.  The entire cast rocked this movie, but Sean Penn blew everyone out of the water.

I was also really impressed with Frost/Nixon.  I had wanted to see it in the theater (meaning Broadway) when it first came to stage, but never got around to it for one reason or another, so I have no comparison to the film, but am comforted by the fact that both Michael Sheen and Frank Langella reprised their stage roles for the film.  Being still in the womb during the time the actual Frost/Nixon interviews took place, my understanding of Nixon’s presidency and Watergate unfortunately do not go too far beyond the usual pop culture references.  Perhaps learning a little more about this part of my country’s history was part of the entertainment value for me.  Anyone else see this movie and have thoughts they want to share?

And last but not least, our most recent DVD viewing: the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I read Bauby’s memoir of the same name sometime last year and found it simply lovely.  The film?  I sobbed through this movie like I haven’t done through any film, ever.  So unbelievably cathartic, but maybe it was good that I watched it at home and did not have to subject other film goers to my waterworks!

What films have moved you lately?

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