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32 Things to Do Before I Turn 33

Alright, I have been talking about it for months.  Now my list is finally ready for unveiling, and I think it is even better than my 30 Things and my 31 Things!  Can I have a drum roll please….

1. Print and frame a few photographs from our travels. (Done)

2. Start planning a trek of Kilimanjaro. (In Progress)

3. Submit at least two English articles from my current research for publication, plus another one in German would be great (with a little collaboration help, of course).

4. Pass either the TestDaF or Zertifikat C1.

5. Read five of the books on my reading list. (Finished: My Name is Red, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Born to Run. In the middle of: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman)

6. Participate in a mission from the global version of Improv Everywhere, Urban Prankster.

7. Visit at least three different Christmas Markets and blog about them. (Done: Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover)

8. Take a bike tour through Germany.

9. Pay off my last credit card.

10. Find a good sushi restaurant in Hamburg. (Done)

11. Travel to a country I have not been to before.

12. Now that I’m starting to figure out the wonders of Photoshop, new banners for the blog! (Done)

13. Become a full-fledged Mac user. (Done)

14. Find a job to keep me here in Germany after my fellowship is over. (Done)

15. Submit an abstract to the 2010 American Public Health Association conference. (Done)

16. Spend a concentrated amount of time each week improving my German vocabulary.

17. Make an appointment for my first doctor’s visit in Germany. (Done)

18. Buy new running shoes next time I am in the U.S. (Done)

19. Take a photography course. (In Progress)

20. Attend the Expat Bloggers in Germany meet-up in Munich in September.  September is shaping up to be a crazy month, but I am going to do my best to make it! (Done)

21. See Ben Harper in concert again. (In Progress: By absolute chance, we found out he is the opening act for a show we already have tickets for in Berlin in June. Really, how much better does it get than that?)

22. Visit my newest nephew once he makes his arrival in the world. (Done)

23. Make some time to escape this conference for a little New Orleans site-seeing. (This one was a bust.)

24. Build up a good-sized savings account. (Done, and now in the process of depleting it.)

25. Run my sixth 1/2 marathon. (Done)

26. Trade in my American driver’s license for a German one.

27. Cook a homemade meal at least once every other week. (In Progress: Basilikumsuppe mit Brot and Nudeltopf mit Walnüssen and Thanksgiving Dinner)

28. Speaking of those little nephews, hook them up with some FC  St. Pauli shirts. (Done)

29. Drastically update my hairstyle. (Done)

30. I am not quite ready yet, but I am committing myself to at least contemplate the possibility of a brand new tattoo that is bigger and brighter and better than all the ones that have come before it.

31. Give up my ANTM-watching habit.  Seriously, I am losing a few brain cells and my self-respect.

32. Check out the local music scene. (So far: Seelig, the Editors, and Rammstein)

Sounds like a fun year ahead, don’t you think?  Can’t wait to get started.  Oh, wait, I already have!


  1. Reez says:

    Great list – had to laugh at #31/ANTM. I can totally relate but I do think I kicked that bad habit. I want to start my own list but am a few months late :) I guess I’ll start one anyway and include some things I’ve accomplished this year. Thanks for the great idea!

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