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32 Things no. 14

So, here’s a little announcement: Starting in the fall, I’ll be pursuing my PhD, here in Germany. Wow, I still get a kick out of saying that.  I was awarded a fellowship that will cover me for three years of doctoral work within a very focused environment. (This is a huge bonus, since I’m pretty late to the game and am not getting any younger, you know.)  Oh, and I’ll be based mostly in Bremen — more details on that as the summer continues.

In the meantime, I’m winding things down at my current institute and gearing up for some intensive German courses so I can pass the TestDaF exam in July. I’m actually really looking forward to the summer. Aside from the exam (and continuing to work on some publications in my down time), I’ve committed myself to making the most of this time before I begin my doctorate, and relaxing a little more than I’ve allowed myself to these last couple years. (Yeah, I’ve been in Germany for almost two years already – how crazy is that??)

So, now you know what I meant about all the butterflies and changes blowing in the wind. It’s been a crazy amount of work and stress to get to this point, but now the future’s looking pretty dang bright!


  1. Di says:

    Congratulations! That is fantastic. What will you be researching on (just general subject if you don’t wish to share more). Bremen – we have partners in a project I work with in Bremen – a film promotion/film location organisation called NordMedia. I think that there is a meeting there in August but don’t think I will get to go.

    Enjoy the summer of relaxation – I think i should like a good idea!

  2. Rz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It must be a wonderful feeling to get to THIS point while appreciating all the hard work that led you to this.

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