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Berlin WEBMU 2012 | The Report

After another successful WEBMU — once more in my current hometown (check out my report from 2010’s Hamburg meet up) — I collapsed into bed at 9 pm Sunday night.  And although as one of the co-organizers I may be biased, I think it was a huge success!

Propaganda: Stasi Museum, Berlin
Button hole camera: Stasi Museum, Berlin

Since most everyone has been to Berlin before and hit all the major tourist sites, we decided to focus in on some of the less frequently visited areas of East Berlin.  We toured the Stasi Museum and Berlin’s underground Cold War bunkers, learned about Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain with Paul Sullivan of Slow Travel Berlin, and even checked out Bearpit Karaoke and the flea market in Mauerpark.  We also, in true WEBMU style, never went hungry.  I am still stuffed from an awesome hamburger at The Bird, curry wurst, delicious pizza at Due Forni, and an awesome brunch buffet at Frida Kahlo.

Slow Travel Berlin tour of Prenzlauer Berg
Slow Travel Berlin tour of Prenzlauer Berg
Bullet holes left over from WWII: Slow Travel Berlin tour of Prenzlauer Berg

It also goes without saying that hanging out with the other English-language expat bloggers  is the best part of WEBMU!  It was especially great to finally meet the bloggers behind Der Irische Berliner, Sarah Stäbler, Top Floor Corner, and Doin’ Time on the Donau.  And let’s not forget all the familiar faces of WEBMUs past: Heidelbergerin and company, the Regensbloggers, Letters Home, PapaScott, Resident on Earth, Geek Mädel, Deutschland über Elvis, and my co-hostess-with-the-mostest, Snooker in Berlin (and her Deputy No).  I really, really enjoyed myself.

But maybe more interesting than me going on and on about it, is to share the reports from the attendees!  As more get posted, I’ll make sure to link them here:


P.S. More of my photos from the Stasi Museum and the walking tours here.


  1. IrishBerliner says:

    As I already told Snooker, thanks a mil for your organizational skills. ‘Twas a great weekend, great to meet everyone (I don’t think there was anyone I didn’t like, which is probably statistically very unusual) and I’m very much looking forward to the next one!
    Thanks again!

  2. Steven says:

    Great pics… WebMU was a lot of fun. Thanks again for everything you did to make it a great weekend.

    My post about the weekend is still to come, but it won’t be anything the rest of you haven’t already covered. :D

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