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Race Report | Bremen 10K (again)

After having so much fun during last year’s 10K in Bremen, I was really looking forward to racing it again this year.  And it was indeed, awesome.  After one of the most stressful months of my life — thank you, September — my training this time around was fine, but not outstanding.  My long runs have all been on target, but I swapped out some of my tempo and speed runs for easy miles.

So stepping up to the start line, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but figured, hey, at least I don’t have a cold like last year.  (It’s the small things, you know.)  My plan was basically to run my heart out and see what happened.  Luckily that worked out well for me!  Although I didn’t beat last year’s time of 57:53 (and wasn’t expecting to), I ran a really strong race and ended up with my second fastest 10K time ever — 58:50.

Bremen 10K
The Bremen Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K Course

The route

I can’t say enough great things about this 10K course.  Starting at the Marktplatz and then running along the Schlachte and the Weser River, and then even through Werder Bremen’s stadium, before heading back to the Altstadt — there’s always new scenery to enjoy and it’s all quite lovely.  Running along this morning, I felt so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place — guess the endorphins were already kicking in!

The play-by-play

In any case, my plan was to start with an easy 10:00-minute mile and then push it from there, and that’s basically how it happened.  I focused on feeling strong and concentrating on my breathing, and I just let my legs carry me along.  The miles ticked away, one by one, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every one of them!

Bremen 10K Splits
According to my Garmin

In the last mile or so, I really picked up the pace.  I was pretty amazed that I didn’t even really have to tell my tired legs what to do, they just naturally wanted to go faster.  So all I did was concentrate on keeping my breathing steady and even, and let them do all the work.  I have to say, it felt pretty fantastic!  Good job, legs!

Finish Line at the Marktplatz
Finish Line at the Marktplatz

What’s next?

For now, I’m just coasting on the endorphins from a race well run, and thankful for the reminder that I’m always capable of way more than I think I am.  I don’t have any new races on the horizon, but I’d really like to keep my running volume pretty steady over the autumn and winter months.  Who knows, maybe I’ll start spring with a bang!

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