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Londres: Picadilly Circus
Londres: Picadilly Circus by Zyllan Fotografía

In all my years of travel and all my years of living in the center of Europe, can you believe that I’ve never been to London?  It’s actually rather embarrassing.  I’ve invested the energy to travel to the likes of Sierra Leone, Peru, and Uganda, but I’ve never made the quick and inexpensive jaunt over to London, for god’s sake?

Well that’s changing very soon!  Taking advantage of a work trip, I’m spending a free weekend in London Town.  It’s not a ton of time, admittedly, but I’m definitely making the most of it by focusing on two things  I’ve missed most about big city life since arriving in Germany — food and theater.  (Sorry, Berlin, I love you, but it’s just not the same.)

Like any good modern traveler, I crowdsourced ideas via Twitter.   Thanks to the advice of @elmadaeu, @zurika, and @fraudietz, I have tickets to both the Book of Mormon — a musical that’s been a hit on Broadway since 2011 and in London since 2013 — and a revival of the comedy Relative Values.

In terms of food, @fraudietz and @winerambler suggested Abeno for Japanese pancakes, Gymkhana for Indian, The Dairy, and Trinity.  I’ve also decided to test out Vayable — a website where you can book activities led by local insiders — for a street food tour of East London. Yum, that one will definitely deserve a blog post of its own afterwards!

Even though my trip will be short and sweet, I really can’t wait.  And I promise to report back here on my adventures!

Where are your favorite places to eat in London?  Do you have any tips or stories to share?

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  1. Natalye says:

    I actually have never been to London (or anywhere in the UK, aside from a layover at Heathrow) either. I guess considering that almost all my ancestors came from the UK, it just doesn’t strike me as an interesting place to visit compared to a culture that is totally different than one I know. But I am sure I will end up there some day soon…

    Sounds like you have a lot in store. Have fun!

  2. cliff1976 says:

    Favorite chow in London / food tip: Marks & Spencer. Yeah, the department store, if they have a grocery section. Their selection of salads, sandwhiches, wraps (especially the Hoisin Duck wraps), and single-serving desserts is amazing, and we’ve never been disappointed. Snag that stuff after getting your shop on, then find a bench on the street to enjoy your lunch at grocery-store prices.

  3. vito says:

    I don’t remember the name of the street but there’s a place in central London where Asian food is served and is famously known as Food street. Different food and taste, you’ll like it :)

  4. Jul says:

    We have a couple posts of London food porn on the blog, with notes on where we ate it. There are so many awesome restaurants in London that we rarely make it back to the same place twice.

    Book of Mormon is so good, months later I’m still singing all the songs in my head. Hope you love it!

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