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Travel | My First Trip to London Town

Travel: My first trip to London Town | No Apathy Allowed

As you’ve already heard, I took my first trip to London ever a few weeks ago.  And no surprise, I loved it!  The city has an undeniable palpable energy, which is also what made New York so near and dear to my heart.  Perhaps that’s why I felt so at home in London during my visit? I rented an airbnb studio apartment near the British Museum in the center of the city.  From there I was close to my workshop location, able to walk all along the Thames, and was only a couple of tube stops away from the theaters in Piccadilly Circus.  It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Big Ben | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
Big Ben
Westminster Station | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
Westminster Station
Near Westminster Palace | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
Near Westminster Palace

Like I mentioned,  instead of packing in all the sights, I mostly focused on food (check out my street food tour) and theater (Book of Mormon and Relative Values — both fabulous!).  But I still carved out time on Saturday to simply wander along the Thames and admire the London Eye,  Big Ben, Westminster Palace, St. James’ Park, and Buckingham Palace.  

St. James's Park | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
St. James’s Park
Buckingham Palace Gate | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
Buckingham Palace Gate

On the spur of the moment, I also visited Westminster Abbey — burial place to many of the great monarchs and important figures of England (including Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary, Queen Anne, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton), sight of many royal weddings (from King Henry I in 1100 to William & Kate in 2011), and nearly every royal coronation for the last thousand years.  The architecture is amazing and the Abbey is full of a millennium’s worth of history.  It’s definitely worth the steep £18.00 entrance fee, in my opinion, even if you’re not allowed to take photos inside.

Westminster Abbey | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey | Travel | My First Trip to London Town
Westminster Abbey

I wish I could have spent more time in the city, but I know I’ll be back again to visit!  Since the price of a round trip ticket can hover around 50 Euros from Germany, there is really no excuse.  In fact, I already have a few ideas for next time…  The Vayable tour I took added just the right personal and contemporary balance to my visit, so on my next visit I may try another (I have my eye on this one).  And rather than stay in the center, I might try to find an airbnb apartment in one of the East London neighborhoods I explored and loved. Do you love London too?  What would you go see on your next visit?


  1. Looks like you managed to cover a lot of ground! Totally agree on the London love, that’s a city I cannot wait to get back to, there’s just way too much to see in a few days.

  2. Emily says:

    Looks like you had some good weather and got some great photos! One of my favorite things is riding the London at right at dusk and seeing the familiar sights light up as day turns to night. I love just wandering around the city – Tower of London and the British Museum are at the top of my touristy list.

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