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Everywhere I’ve called home, I’ve had a favorite neighborhood restaurant. You know the kind of place I mean, right? Delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere that keeps you going back again and again. The kind of place where you celebrate birthdays with friends, and where you always bring out-of-town guests to give them an insider’s peak at life in your city. For me that was Tup Tim Thai in Seattle, Bogota in Brooklyn, Sigiriya in Berlin, and now Kuß * Rosa in Bremen.

Kuß Rosa

Kuß Rosa

Based in Bremen’s Neustadt, Kuß * Rosa was started by a local collective and named after the German socialist activist Rosa Luxemburg. The menu is written on chalkboards hanging next to the bar and change regularly depending on what foods are in season. Everything is organically grown or raised, and local when possible. There are plenty of vegetarian options. I can wholeheartedly recommend any of their lasagnas, quiches, and tarts. And the handmade gnocchi with spinach and tomatoes that I had during my last visit wasn’t half bad either. (That’s German for awesome!)

Kuß Rosa

Gnocci & Salad @ Kuß Rosa

The atmosphere is ultra relaxed and has a real neighborhood feel. There is no scene to have to fit into. There’s just comfortably old tables and chairs, good food, drinks, and a pool table in the back, if you’re in the mood.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I think so at least. Next time you’re in Bremen and looking for an evening off the beaten path, make sure to swing by!

Kuß * Rosa | Buntentorsteinweg 143 | Neustadt, Bremen
Strassenbahn: 4/5 Schwankhalle

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