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A Little Update

A winter morning
A winter morning in Bremen

It feels like ages since I last spent time in this space and I’ve really missed sharing here! Since I last posted, it’s been both a winter wonderland here in Bremen and flowers and trees already began blooming in early February. The pace of life since returning to Germany after the holidays (photos and tales from Seattle are still to come) has been completely unrelenting, but in very good ways…

I’m all set to travel next week to Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek for work and am very much looking forward to discovering a new (to me) part of the world. Any tips you might have would be more than welcome! Even though I’m only spending a few days there, I will definitely be sharing more about my trip with you after I return. (If you can’t wait, I’ll be posting photos throughout my travels on Instagram.)

Also, I’ve hinted at it here before, but haven’t made an official announcement: I’m training for the Hamburg Marathon taking place in mid-April. Yes, that’s a big deal! The last time I attempted to train for a marathon was for NYC  in 2004, which unfortunately resulted in me having to drop out midway through training due to IT-band syndrome. I have to admit that that experience pretty much scared me off from marathons for quite awhile, but thank goodness it didn’t turn me off from running completely! Rather, I happily devoted myself to the half marathon and 10K distances.

But after cheering a friend on at the Berlin Marathon last fall, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to give the full marathon distance one more try. Even though I’m older, I think I’m a smarter and fitter runner than I was 12 years ago. So I quietly began training for Hamburg shortly before Christmas, a little reluctant to make a big deal out of it “just in case”. But with 10 weeks of successful training behind me, and only 8 more weeks to go, I’ve gotten a bit more optimistic since I’ve started hitting brand new personal distance records every week. My body seems to be responding well so far to the mileage and it is very likely that you will hear more from me on that front.

Thanks for your patience while this space remained silent and I can’t wait to start spending more time with you here!


What have you been up to in January and February? Has winter been especially strange where you are too?


  1. Emily says:

    Hey! I just followed a comment on another WordPress blog and was reminded of yours. (I had asked if you knew about where to get fresh turkeys in Bremen for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.)

    Good luck with the marathon! Although my first marathon went fine, I was sidelined by an IT band issue, the flu, and an acute injury in the weeks preceding what should have been my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marathons, respectively. I swore the marathon distance off for awhile. I decided to try it again in 2014, and have since run 4 marathon races and 1 ultramarathon (!) injury-free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (or here in Germany “pushing my thumbs”) for you.

    Will you be running the Berlin Half this year?

    • Wow, sounds like you had a string of bad luck there for awhile! Glad that it’s turned around for you — that makes me feel good about giving it another try after so many years. I appreciate the support!

      I won’t be running the Berlin Half again this year, but am keeping the Bremen Half in mind for October. :) Are you? If so, good luck!

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