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InstaMeet Hamburg

Rambler Rose ??? #wwim13hh
Rambler Rose. Via Instagram.

So you know I love Instagram, right? It is definitely my very favorite form of social media. And that love has quadrupled since I bought my very first iPhone last fall. So I didn’t think twice about signing up for the InstaMeet Hamburg last month, especially since I had so much fun at the last one I attended a couple of years ago. Even though the weather was unseasonably cold for April, I bundled up as best I could and took the train to our neighboring Hansestadt.

Pretty much as soon as everyone arrived at the meeting point in the Harburg area of Hamburg, it full on started to snow, rain and hail and pretty much didn’t stop for about an hour and a half. Let me tell you that carrying around an umbrella while trying to take photos is a bit of a logistical challenge, especially when your fingers are so cold you can barely make them move. Sigh. Despite the miserable cold though, everyone was pretty goodnatured and made plenty of jokes about Hamburg Schietwetter. We walked through the Harburg harbor area, along the water and through old industrial areas. Right up my alley!

The sheer quantity of photos I took was much lower than at the last InstaMeet, but I still have a few favorites to share with you, plus some outtakes that I like, but which probably won’t make it into my Instagram feed. You’ll also notice that while Instagram is famous for it’s square format, they’ve transitioned to allowing for landscape and portrait photos too (although they still appear square in your thumbnail feed).

Can't believe these tulips have survived and thrived in the sidewalk cracks of Harburg! #wwim13hh
Can’t believe these tulips have survived and thrived in the sidewalk cracks of Harburg! Via Instagram.

One final photo from the #wwim13hh before I sign off for the evening... (With more to come tomorrow!)
Via Instagram.

Half and half. ? #wwim13hh
Half and half. Via Instagram

Rain, snow, hail and a tiny bit of sun during today's Instameet in Hamburg. I'm only now starting to get the feeling back in my fingers. Brrr... #wwim13hh
Via Instagram.

Hamburg InstaMeet
An InstaMeet outtake

Hamburg InstaMeet
An InstaMeet outtake

Hamburg InstaMeet
An InstaMeet outtake

I didn’t stay as long as I wanted at the InstaMeet because I reached a point where I couldn’t feel my fingers or my feet anymore — but maybe we’ll have more luck with the weather next time! And speaking of next time, I seriously think that the Bremer Instagrammers should be putting together our own InstaMeets too! Who’s in?

Did you attend one of the InstaMeets happening worldwide in April? Did you discover any new Instagrammers I should definitely follow? (And don’t forget to follow me too!)


    • Yes, seriously! There seem to be a lot of Instagrammers in Bremen and I think it would be really fun to gather us all in one place for an afternoon. Maybe we can discuss more details at the next Blogger Stammtisch?

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