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InstaFriday | Jet Lag

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It’s 8:30 in the evening and I’m writing this post to postpone falling sleep until my normal bed time. I arrived back in Germany yesterday afternoon after an overnight flight and survived somehow until 9pm. In order to establish some sort of normal rhythm, I put in more or less a full day in at work today, but I’m fading pretty fast .

In any case, my time in DC and NYC was absolutely wonderful and a much needed balm for my soul. It’s rare to find friends who are truly kindred spirits, who continuously inspire you, and who remind you that it’s still worth trying to make the world a better place. More photos and posts to come later, for sure.

And guess who I spotted on my way back to Germany at JFK, eating dinner with his family across from my gate? Oh, just Macklemore. I decided to just leave them in peace since no one else seemed to be bothering him, but I did glance their way about a dozen times while I was standing in line to board. :) Definitely made my flight, and ranks right up there with passing Philip Seymour Hoffman on the sidewalk in the West Village, and sitting across the aisle from Christoph Waltz once on a flight to Berlin.

I’m not sure I can construct many more coherent sentences, so how about you just tell me: how has your week been?


  1. dg299 says:

    A wonderful post, as always, Mandi.
    It was great to reconnect, and I’m glad you, Debi and many of the women in your graduating class had some time together. I’ve always been impressed by all of you (including those that were not there), and am glad that I was part of that group for some time in NYC.

    We’ve not found the same kind of friendships we had with you and the others in that circle, and it was good for the soul to see so many familiar faces. I hope you will all do it more often.

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