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Whole 30 in Germany | No Apathy Allowed

Doing Whole30 in Germany

Back when I was training for the Bremen half marathon over the summer, I was already thinking about the need for resetting my nutritional habits — so the Whole30 program that I’d been reading about on a lot of American fitness blogs intrigued me. What I liked most was the focus on improving health through nutrition, unlike …

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Running | Mind-Body Connection

At the moment, I am attempting to balance one of the biggest intellectual challenges I’ve ever faced with a fitness goal that’s pretty challenging in its own right. It might sound crazy training to run a personal best in a half marathon during the final months of writing my dissertation.  But I believe strongly in the mind-body connection and …

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Hamburg Half Marathon

Hamburg Half | Week 9

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t mentioned a peep about the Hamburg Half Marathon in more a month.  It’s coming up in less than three weeks, so maybe I should give you a bit of an update, huh? Things on the training front have been very frustrating.  Around the time I returned from …

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